Applications which TUNNEL made.
Recently I'm using Xcode.


iconNoSmokingSupporter ver.0.75(English/Japanese)59kb for MacOSX(2003.11.22)
NoSmokingSupporter displays time after you quit smoking, and saved cost. Make it encouragement your quit smoking. Tested on MacOSX 10.3Panther.
If you wish to add function, mail me. Suggestions are welcome.
Thanks! > Mr. Masashi
Thanks! > Mr. Kurihara
iconTrashCleaner ver.1.1(47kb) for MacOSX(2003.10.21)
TrashCleaner is the tool used when trash becomes impposible to empty on MacOSX. Please use, when the file remained which cannot be delete by installation, upgrade, etc.
Operation is strange although made. Why???
iconExtension add for DTPv.1.1(12kb) for MacOS9(2002.4.1)
It attach an extension when changing the file of Mac into Win. This tool for DTP files.

iconModel dependece character finder v.4.0(8kb) for MacOS9(2000.6.20)
To find Model dependece character from Japanese.
Model dependece character mean Shift-JIScode8540-889E,EAA5-FCFC.
iconRoulette v.1.1(15kb) for MacOS9(1999.12.9)
Joke software!!
Icons at Desktop are chenged to Roulette!!
Hide other window. And there should be more than 10 icons at desktop.
iconSet up Creater for DTP files v.1.1(12kb) for MacOS9(1999.6.9)
"Set up Creater for DTP files" is helper tool for the file which lost resource fork. Use for
Adobe Photoshop EPS
Adobe Illustrator EPS

iconAddress 2 zipcode ver.011(6kb)(for Japanese zipcode) for MacOS9(2002.3.26)
Address 2 zipcode make japanese zipcode from japanese address data.

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