These aircraft setup for FS6.
You can fly only copy files.
Almost all aircraft for FS5 can use in FS6(FS95)
without FSFS. Get the file of fsconv.exe.

601 Boeing737 Wuhan airlines China
and Boeing737 Aero Lingus Ireland(only texture for default 737)

602 Xian Yunshuji Y7-100(Bug fix virsion)

603 Antonov AN-24 Sakahalinskie Aviatrassy"

604 YS-11 Japan Transocean Air(YS for Win95)
605 YS-11 ALL NIPPON Air(YS for Win95)

606Ilyushin IL-62M AEROFLOT

607Ilyushin IL-62M CUBANA

608Antonov AN-225 Mriya

609BrittenNorman BN-2 Islander

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