Almost all aircraft for FS5 can use in FS6(FS95)
without FSFS. Get the file of fsconv.exe.

501 Antonov AN-124

502 DHC-6 Twin Otter
(All New!)

503 Airbus A330 Cathay Pacific

505 MD-11 Swiss Air

506 MD-11 Federal Express

507 MD-11 Thai Air

508 Tupolev TU-154 Aeroflot(see #519-521)

509 Ilyushin IL-76TD Aeroflot

510 Boeing P-26A Fighter U.S.Army

511 Douglas dc-7c Braniff Air

512 NAMC YS-11 Air Nippon

513 Douglas DC-6B PAN AMERICAN

514 Douglas DC-6B Japan Air Lines

515 Antonov AN-2(2 in 1 pack)

516 Airbus A330 Malaysia Airlin

517Saab340 Southern China Airline

518Ilyushin IL76 Koryo Air North Korea

519Tupolev TU154 Sichuan Airlines China

520Tupolev TU154 BALKAN AIRLINES Bulgaria

521Tupolev TU154 MALEV Hungarian Airlines

522NAMC YS11 Japan Transocean Airlines

523Boeing737 Japan Transocean Airlines

524Boeing737 Asiana Korean

525MD90 Japan Air System Kurosawa Special Paint

526Tupolev TU-114 Operated by Aeroflot and JAL

527Antonov AN-24 Operated by Aeroflot

528Ilyushin IL-62M Operated by Aeroflot

529ANTONOV AN-225 with space shuttle


DC7C Braniff Air(afx and air,*af)

Ilyushin IL-76(afx and air,*af)

MD-11 Swiss Air(afx and air,*af)

Saab 340 Southern China Airlines(afx and .air,*af)

MD-11 Thai Air(afx and air,*af)

P26 US Fighter(afx and air,*af)

Tupolev TU154(afx and air,*af)

YS-11 Japan Air Commuter(afx and air,*af)

Metro American Eagle(afx and pcx)

Airbus A330(afx only)

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